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Technical parameters of union sight glass

Technical parameters of union sight glass

Union sight glass. It is widely used in beer, dairy industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil industry, chemical industry and machinery manufacturing.
Technical parameters of live mirror:
Connect: quick install, welding, thread (for selection)
Standard: ISO, DIN, IDF, SMS, 3A, SMS, etc
Connection mode of pipe assembly: welding type, quick loading type and thread type.
Material: 304 or 316L.
Pipeline flow control: dn25-150 and 1″-6
Shell material: stainless steel 304, 321, 316, 316L.

Window material: steel boron silicon glass, quartz glass.

Sealing material: nitrile rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene.

Work pressure (MPa) : no more than 0.6
Working temperature (℃) : 0 ~ 200 ℃