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Features and installation of sanitary oval manhole

Features and installation of sanitary oval manhole

Oval manhole, also belong to a kind of circular manhole, such as boiler, hoses, including telecom, cable TV using elv well, large-scale bridge maintenance with internal channel is a circular manhole, usually for 600 mm diameter.
It is easy for staff to get in and out of oil tanks and ventilation during installation, cleaning and maintenance.

The hygienic elliptical manhole should be located near the right side of the pipeline and try to make the manhole close to the closed door of the tank, so that the personnel can get in and out, repair the oil tank and vent the ventilation.

Since the hygienic elliptical manhole is installed in the lower layer of the tank, it is particularly important to prevent leakage.
The two flanges are required to ensure their straightness and no drift.
Stiffened plates and flanges should be cut on the whole plate without splice.
Flange and cover plate are machined with sealing ring, special attention should be paid to protection during construction.

Seal with 3mm thick asbestos rubber gasket, do not allow broken.
When installing the manhole cover to tighten the bolt, make the diagonal and force to prevent the hole cover from deforming.