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Pressure calculation method of stainless steel elbow

Pressure calculation method of stainless steel elbow

Stainless steel elbow 201 and 304 pressure difference: in terms of strength (pressure acceptance), 201 stainless steel is high, because of 201 stainless steel Mn (manganese) content is high, high carbon is 201 stainless steel, the two alloy resolution strength (pressure acceptance), the mechanical comprehensive performance is 304 stainless steel is good.However, the corrosion resistance of 304 stainless steel is two levels higher than that of 201 stainless steel, with 301 stainless steel in the middle.“The acceptance of pressure depends only on the thickness of the wall of the sanitary grade pipe fitting”.


201 steel yield 275MPa, tensile strength 520MPa, elongation 40%

The yield point 205MP of 304 steel has a tensile strength of 515Mpa and an elongation rate of 40%

The yield strength of these two kinds of data is different. For pipes, it is possible to use P*D/2 delta < sigma t for calculation of cylindrical thin-walled pressure vessels

P: internal pressure of the pipe, D: medium diameter of the pipe, wall thickness of the pipe, and t: the allowable stress at the design temperature.Two kinds of data strength, namely the allowable stress is not the same, the wall thickness is not the same, so the pressure is not the same.If wall thickness is same, the pressure that 304 sanitation class pipe fitting accepts is bigger.