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What is the difference between sanitary valve and industrial valve

Sanitary valve is used in the health level requirement is higher, on the appearance and function of it. When compared with common valves, there is  no difference. That is to say, the only difference between ordinary valve and sanitary valve is manufacturing of materials and their use of different occasions. Now we will introduce it with the difference between ordinary industrial valves.
First material is different, because of the the sanitary valve using the environment are very high hygenic requirements of the pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical industry, etc., these products are eaten or direct contact with the human body, so I asked for some production machinery with high sanitary conditions.And ordinary materials such as steel, iron, copper valve material cannot meet, said first iron and steel, the material as the valve, liquid, or high humidity in the air will rust corrosion, thus tainted products. Copper valves, too, and the rust or toxic substances, so more valve cannot be used as a sanitary valve.
Sanitary valves are made of stainless steel material, stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, but also non-toxic tasteless, does not damage to the product. Sanitary valve is generally 304 ss or 316 stainless steel valve, the production after the completion of processing through special processing, is in many ways than industrial valves, such as cleanliness, simple installation, and so on, this is specifically for food, pharmaceutical and other industries manufacturing valves. Industrial valve is generally according to use need to make model, mainly under the working conditions of high temperature and high pressure service life is long and flexible operation, smooth and beautiful appearance and internal is not same as sanitary valve, but in many areas sanitary valve is the only choice.