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Structure characteristics of sanitary aseptic sampling valve

Aseptic sampling valve structure mainly includes the sealant sets of sample, sample room, mouth and stainless steel thimble, spring, plunger sleeve, manual handle (the difference between manual and automatic aseptic sampling valve is whether to use pneumatic device, its basic principle is the same, normally sterile sampling valve with appropriate size of the sampling head), etc. Its basic principle is when closed, rely on spring tension or other pressures for thimble, the thimble sealant head pressure in the tank wall hole, to achieve sealing effect. If you need the sample, the sample from one of the mouth into the steam or other medium sterilization, indoor full of the whole sample and derived from another sampling mouth, after a certain time will make the sample room and after sampling function in aseptic condition. Spring, then turn rotary handle, contraction relax thimble, makes the sealant head from open hole section of the tank wall from, to make the sample from tank through the sample room, and from the sample collection. After completion of sampling, twisted rotating handle, loosen the spring, by thimble sealant head once again on the hole of the pressure in the tank wall.
Access to clean water sample of the indoor residual liquid discharge, and then inject bactericidal medium sealed retained, for the next sampling.The application of aseptic sampling valve point have cold wort, fermented liquid, yeast mud, deaerated water, wine, sterile water, etc. From the perspective of the use principle of described above, it should be said that under the condition of normal use of maintenance, extensive use of special sterile sampling valve at the scene of the production is taken to improve the level of microbial control of one of the effective means. But in sterile sampling valve can really know the role and impact and use of maintenance and other aspects, it should be said has some deficiencies, it can improve the accuracy of the samples, do a comprehensive understanding for sample appearance, but also because of negligence to the sample of pollution on the operation and influence on the result of judgment, and even caused by the lack of maintenance and management by sampling medium pollution as a whole. Now will have encountered several cases for example and analysis.First, the application in the line. To extract aseptic sampling valve installed on the pipeline as an example, with early is the first batch of wort after each line CIP for microbiological testing found that pollution, but the second and third batch does not, and the top of water temperature is higher, up to 85 ℃ above, all piping material should choose stainless steel, no dead Angle exists. Oxygen filling with compressed air after aseptic membrane filtration is sterile test. This creates doubt, pollution of microbial where it came from? Through the analysis, the suspect in the aseptic sampling valve. As rich nutrition for the growth of yeast extract matrix, has high sugar, when sampling, wort through an opening in a wall, sample room, and sampling, sampling after cleaning, the sample room and sampling mouth part of the residue can be easily cleaned, but in the contact section of the sealant head and pipe wall is not easy to remove, to the next sampling sterilization when heated becomes sticky becomes more difficult to remove, in the long run will be formed after health corner. In aseptic sampling valve for removing inspection findings confirmed the suspicion.