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Difference between sanitary pipe fittings and normal pipe fittings

Pipe fitting means what make up the pipeline system. They are all composed of all parts, like a straight pipe, elbow, bend tube, flange, tee, four-way cross, etc.. these can be called fitting. Rather than just refers to the pipe, sanitary pipe fittings is in pipe fittings have special requirements on the basis of normal pipe fittings.
Sanitary pipe fittings, you will know from the name, normally ordinary fitting can meet the requirements, but some of the requirements for high health level is relatively high enterprise need a sanitary fittings. Common pipe materials can be some, such as iron, copper, aluminum alloy, sanitary fittings are usually composed of stainless steel, stainless steel material relative metals such as copper, iron it more resistant to corrosion, and won't produce material also to the human body.
Some food processing plants, beverage processing, medical and chemical processing enterprises, the demand for products is relatively high, so I want to buy sanitary fittings to transport raw materials or finished products.Pipe as a result of the common corrosion to the iron pipe is very easy to rust, so can't meet the demand.
There is a little difference is that, the sanitary fittings standard and standard of ordinary pipe fittings are different, the production of sanitary fittings usually adopt standard is: ISO, GB, DIN, 3 a, IDF, such as for manufacturing, industrial pipe fittings standards: GB standard.GB is mandatory national standards, is the recommended national standards GB/T, (" T "for" recommendation ").